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Virginia Aronson, Writer


"Virginia did a great job on a book for me. I had a complicated subject matter, but she was able to make it readable and fun. She is intelligent and easy to work with."--Sasson Moulavi M.D., Medical Director, Smart For Life

"A MASTERFUL EDITOR. In the process of creating a book there is always the deep feeling that there is something missing. That feeling gnaws at you, as if what you are committed to may never really capture your true voice or message. My miracle was Virginia. When added to my life, she verbalized and impeccably internalized the essence of my life's work. She read my mind as if she were me. I knew instantly her gift was the completion of my book. My decade of struggling was finally over." --Martin C. Cohen, relationship coach and author of Gender Balancing: An Evolutionary Model for Elevating Relationships from Mediocre to Extraordinary

"Virginia has that rare ability to guide you in a positive direction with humor, honesty, and the understanding that it's your story, not hers to tell. I highly recommend Virginia and her soft-mannered approach."--Mike Cantwell, publisher and author, KSM Publishing

"Virginia was a godsend! She helped my book come to life! She has the unique ability to weave words and cultivate a story so that it captures the reader's attention. She is accurate, efficient, and promptly delivers a sound product. I would absolutely use her again. I highly recommend Virginia!"--Nancy Seagal, author, Rising Above Mercury

"Impressed by her descriptive, well-written books, I trusted Virginia to edit my manuscript with the same page-turning intensity. I am convinced her content line editing and valued suggestions gave my words the clarity and intrigue needed to keep the reader enmeshed in my self-help memoir. Along with her top-notch work and turnaround time, Virginia’s editing fees are more reasonable than other editors I've used in the past."--Diane Jellen, My Resurrected Heart

"Virginia Aronson edited my book, Elders Rock! She did an extraordinary job. My manuscript reads like it was written by me, but by a better me. I look forward to working with her again."--Harvey W. Austin, M.D.

"As a first time author, I could not have done it without Virginia. She took my outline and my ideas and turned them in to an extraordinary book. I had no idea how I was going to get my project done but she walked me through the process, helped me with concepts, and organized my thoughts with what seemed like little effort for her but represented what would have been monumental effort for me. I was amazed by her skill and fast turnaround time. I have and will continue to recommend her to anyone needing a professional writer!"--LeeAnn Rawson, health coach and author of The U Diet

"Virginia Aronson is a talented editor. She will fine-tune, polish your words, and identify your hackneyed and overused phrases. Best of all, she is grammar technician. With her help, your book will rise to the next level." --Steven Jay Flam, short story author and memoirist

"Virginia was an absolute delight to work with. She polished my manuscript until it was clear, concise, and colorful. She works with great integrity, doing what she says she’ll do on time and on budget. As a first time author, I appreciated her responsiveness to my questions and the encouragement she provided along the way. I recommend her highly and would absolutely use her again!"--Lisa Marranzino, author, Happiness on the Blue Dot

"Virginia uncovers the best in your writing. A few crossed out words, a pointed question, a smiley face when something is done well, suggestions for simply re-ordering a sentence or paragraph. When I review her edits, I keep hearing myself say, Oh, that’s better. It’s always exactly what I was trying to say; she doesn’t change my work, she helps me discover the best in it. The more I work with Virginia, the more I discover about myself as an writer."--Cliff Commanday, novelist, web designer

On my quest to find assistance with my first novel, I came across many different types of editors. I did not click with any of them. I wanted someone who would give me the support I needed, teach me what I had forgotten from English class, and most importantly not change my voice. I found all of that and more in Virginia Aronson. She is the best! I am a very satisfied client. With her help and guidance, my first novel will be out this summer! --Judith Brooker, author of Rosemonte

"As a first time author, I was excited about publishing a book. I wanted to make sure that I followed a process to ensure the book was well-written and one that readers would be able to enjoy and navigate through easily. I was referred to Virginia by my writing coach, who told me she was excellent at editing books and offering real feedback on what is effective and ineffective in a manuscript. I was not disappointed! Virginia did an excellent job, offering honest and constructive feedback. She was professional, had quick turnaround, and was great at getting me through some of the blocks writers experience in communicating their message in a book. I would highly recommend Virginia to anyone who is looking for an editor who is helpful, professional, and insightful. You will be impressed with Virginia’s work!"
--Elizabeth Overstreet, author of The Relationship Investigator: 5 Rules to Find the Right One And Make It Work

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